Paul J Huntly, Managing Director and CEO at Riskren PTA

Speech at the Herrenhausen Symposium "Dual Use Research on Microbes: Biosafety, Biosecurity, Responsibility", 11.12.2014

Paul Huntly is Managing Director of Riskren, specializing in laboratory biorisk management (biosafety/biosecurity), infection control in healthcare, and topics relevant to the Biological Weapons Convention. He speaks about current practices and alternative mechanisms in biosafety and biosecurity and looks at traditional and emerging standards and control philosophies, e.g. risk groups and containment levels. He also discusses the challenges in providing oversight in the modern era for example through all-embracing biorisk management concepts and proposes some focus areas. A microbiologist by training, Huntly has specialized in management systems approaches to life science and healthcare environments. He was the originator of the terms and associated concepts of 'biorisk' and 'biorisk management' and project manager for the development of CWA 15793; Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard, Together with the DNV GL Managing Infection Risk Standard (2012), addressing hospital infection control from a biorisk management perspective. Huntly works extensively throughout Asia and the rest of the world, providing consultancy and risk assessment advice to many leading national and international organizations.

Photo: Philip Bartz for Volkswagen Foundation

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