Andrew Prescott, AHRC Leadership Fellow for Digital Humanities, Professor of Digital Humanities, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Keynote at the Herrenhausen Conference "Big Data in a Transdisciplinary Perspective", 25.03.2015

ANDREW PRESCOTT is Professor of Digital Humanities in the School of Critical Studies at the Uni¬versity of Glasgow and Theme Leader Fellow for the “Digital Transformations” strategic theme of the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the United Kingdom. Andrew trained as a medieval historian and wrote his doctoral thesis on the English Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. He was a Curator in the Department of Manuscripts of the British Library from 1979-2000. He has also worked in libraries and digital humanities centres at King’s College London, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Wales Lampeter. Andrew was the lead curator for “Electronic Beowulf”, edited by Kevin Kiernan and first published in 2000. He has published many books and articles on subjects ranging from liturgical manuscripts to the history of Freemasonry. Andrew tweets as @ajprescott and his blog is

Photo: Mirko Krenzel for Volkswagen Foundation

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