Volker Markl, Chair, Database Systems and Information Management, University of Berlin (TU)

Keynote at the Herrenhausen Conference "Big Data in a Transdisciplinary Perspective", 27.03.2015

VOLKER MARKL is a Full Professor and Chair of the Database Systems and Information Man¬agement (DIMA) group at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) as well as an adjunct status-only professor at the University of Toronto. Earlier in his career, he lead a research group at FORWISS, the Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge-based Systems in Munich, and was a Research Staff member & Project Leader at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, USA. He has published numerous research papers on indexing, query optimization, lightweight information integration, and scalable data processing. He holdsseven patents, has transferred technology into several commercial products, and advises several companies and startups. He has been speaker and princi-pal investigator of the Stratosphere research project that resulted in the “ApacheFlink” big data analytics system. He was recently elected as one of Germany’s leading “digital minds” (Digitale Köpfe) by the German Informatics Society.

Photo: Mirko Krenzel for Volkswagen Foundation

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