For the last 40 years, museums, that show Non-European objects, had to change a lot due to the different intercultural discourses. Anthony Alan Shelton, Director of the Museum of Anthropology and Professor of Antropology at the the University of British Columbia, gives an overview on the different approaches and perceptions of ethnological museums from a Canadian perspective. He holds his talk at the Herrenhausen Symposium "Positioning Ethnological Museums in the 21st Century".
Anthony Alan Shelton is Director of the Museum of Anthropology and Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Shelton specializes in critical museology and heritage studies, the anthropology of art and aesthetics, and Latin American and European visual cultures. He has over 150 publications including Art, Anthropology and Aesthetics (with J. Coote. 1992) and Heaven, Hell and Somewhere In-Between. Portuguese Popular Art and Culture (2015), and is currently working on a volume on critical museology.

Photo: David Carreno Hansen for Volkswagen Foundation

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