Event Reports

Reports, photos, audios and videos about selected events of the Volkswagen Foundation

The program "Challenges for Europe" had its first call in 2017, when Europe experienced a very intensive phase of multi crises: the refugee distribution crisis after 2015, the Brexit in 2016 and a rise in populism across Europe. Four years later, we brought together the 13 projects from the first two rounds of the initiative in Schloss Herrenhausen for a statussymposium. Program Manager Dr. Annabella Fick draws a personal résumé. 

In seven sessions and lively discussions, 150 scientists and scholars exchanged their concepts, demands, and critical concerns at the international symposium "Interdisciplinarity Revisited" in October 2019 at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin.

How should Europe deal with its colonial past in Africa? A German-African panel of experts calls for a differentiated, holistic discourse – and resolve.

Social robots – the teachers of the future or at least learning assistants? A Herrenhausen Forum inquired into just how intelligent and empathic digital teaching robots can be and the significance of pedagogy in a subject area dominated by computer scientists.

More than 130 multidisciplinary scientists and practitioners from 30 countries and UN organizations came together for a Herrenhausen Conference in Hannover from October 9 to 11, 2019, to elucidate the relations between climate extremes, societal resilience, and sustainable development goals.

Around 150 international academics from all disciplines discussed the reorientation of the humanities today at a Herrenhausen Symposium on September 10 to 12, 2019, which was jointly organized by the Volkswagen Foundation and the German U15 association of leading research universities.

The Herrenhausen Conference on May 6-8, 2019, focussed on food production in cities and elaborated why urban agriculture should be part of a sustainable urban planning in the future.

At the Herrenhäuser Gespräch on February 14, 2019, experts debated how we should deal with artificial intelligence: A discussion surrounding privacy, control and power at a time when the machines around us are becoming ever more intelligent.

An exchange in the ethics debate surrounding technical progress: Self-driving vehicles was the topic of a panel discussion at the Herrenhäuser Forum held on January 15, 2019.