The Volkswagen Foundation is dedicated to the support of the humanities and social sciences as well as science and technology in higher education and research. It funds research projects in path-breaking areas and provides assistance to academic institutions for the improvement of the structural conditions for their work. In particular, the Foundation perceives its mission in supporting aspiring young academics and in promoting interdisciplinary and international collaboration.

The Volkswagen Foundation is realigning its funding strategy, with the three profile areas "Exploration", "Understanding Research – Evaluation and Science Practice", and "Societal Transformations", as well as the cross-sectional area "Science in Society".

The Foundation focuses its funding activities on selected initiatives. By means of these initiatives, it endeavors to provide effective stimuli for research and to establish forward-looking topics.

The funding initiative entitled "Niedersächsisches Vorab" is reserved solely for research projects at universities and research institutes in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The Project-Persons-Search informs on research projects granted by the Volkswagen Foundation (since 2004).

Here you can submit your application as well as your interim and final reports.

A collection of important information and FAQs for applicants.

A collection of important information and downloads for grant recipients.

External peer review is the most important quality assurance instrument underlying the Foundation's funding decisions. The Foundation endeavors to ensure the transparency of its decisions and the professionalism of the review procedure.